Kite iPICKUP® Bag Carrier


 Kite iPICKUP dog waste bag carriers are made from kite boarding sails that have been previously owned or can no longer be repaired. The kite iPICKUP carriers are proudly handmade in a workshop in downtown Los Angeles, U.S.A.  No two Kite iPICKUP dog waste bag carriers  are alike.

No more bulging pockets or juggling bags, the iPICKUP dog waste bag carrier & dispenser easily and securely attaches to you pup’s leash with a strap. The carrier holds and conveniently dispenses a roll of 15 iPICK UP dog waste bags. Its reflective piping ensures safer nighttime walk with your best friend. The unique and distinctive hook and loop strap at the back of the carrier enables you to enjoy a hands-free sanitary walk each and every time because it holds the used waste bag until it can be properly disposed.




  • Made from used Dacron® fabric from kite boarding sails no longer used for that purpose
  • Rugged and durable
  • Several colors in each carrier
  • Easily attaches to any leash or tote bag with strap
  • Second loop and hook closure conveniently holds used poop bags until it can be safely and properly disposed in the trash


Carrier measures 3.5 “ Diameter, 2.5” W, w/ 3” strap. Holds a roll of 15 iPICKUP 100% biodegradable and compostable bags (sold separately).

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