4U2ReUSE® Beach Survival Tote Beige Blue


4U2ReUSE Beach Survival Tote is a must-have when you spend your summer days in the beach with your family or on your boat. The solar panels in the front of the bag are lightweight and flexible. It charges up the included battery pack while you are on the go. The battery pack has a charging cable that provides a USB output port and a mini USB connector for easy connection to your gadgets. You will always have green back-up power for your gadgets. This bag is an organizing system for the beach or boat outings. It has built-in compartments for all the necessities to enable a relaxing time near the water. There are separate internal compartments for the battery pack, charging cable, 3 small electronics, 2 documents, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and even an insulated pocket for water bottle. Its waterproof lining is made from fabrics woven from 100% certified recycled PET that has been recycled from used plastic bottles.


■ Practical design
■ Rugged, durable outer shell, waterproof lining
■ Internal compartments for battery pack, accessories, 3 small electronics sections, 2 documents, insulated water bottle, sunglasses, sun screen lotion/ lotion pouches, and a convenient outside pocket
■ Waterproof zippers for documents, battery pack, and small electronics
■ Practical key lock
■ 4 fashionable color combinations
■ G24i flexible solar panel for charging mobile phones, mp3/4 players, Digital Cameras
■ G24i battery pack including a variety of accessory USB connectors (regular/mini)


Tote measures: 19.7” L x 9.8 “ W x 19.7“ H