4U2ReUSE® Ridley Plastic Bag Carrier


Plastic grocery bags are popular because they’re convenient, versatile and low-cost. Unfortunately they come at a horrible environmental cost.

Each year 500 billion non-biodegradable plastic bags are manufactured worldwide. What could that number be if we reused all of the plastic bags we already have several times, and then leave them at designated recycling drop-off points?

4U2ReUSE is a manufacturer of eco-friendly handmade bag carriers. Each carrier is unique because the Ridley products are made in the U.S. out of reused materials and organic fabrics that are available at the time of manufacture. They are designed to store plastic grocery bags for trips to the grocery store or biodegradable bags for walks with the dog. Each bag carrier can be stashed in a car door compartment, attached to a handbag, backpack, belt loop, dog leash, or stashed in a car door compartment, allowing you to easily reuse or recycle your bags day in and day out. Our goal is to make it easier for you to be green.

Reusing plastic bags before you recycle them and avoiding using new plastic bags whenever possible will truly reduce the number of grocery bags out in circulation and raise awareness among fellow shoppers. By reusing, you reduce.

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